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                        WHAT I CAN PROFESSIONALLY DO FOR YOU


Artists often have a broad knowledge in fine and applied arts, art history, theory, pedagogy, museums, design......and some are even coming from a different profession, that they are pursuing independent from their artistic activities.

Personally I'm a professional exhibiting artist, as well as an art teacher, plus illustrator, graphic and textile designer. Etc., etc.

I'm also not a snob, what means that I'm keen on putting my artistic knowledge "in use" in freelancer jobs. They bring me joy and diversity before all else.


Shortly, if you're looking for someone for one of the jobs below, you're on the right website!

1. PROFESSIONAL ARTIST....As mentioned, since 2003 I professionally exhibit, sell and take part in art competitions, with an accent of showing art more than selling.

2. ART TEACHER....I find teaching art extremely important. My education included pedagogy with methodics, didactic and practical work, and I had taught at an University for 8 years, before teaching at art courses schools.

3. GRAPHIC DESIGNER.......The love of photography and graphic design lead me to finish a 1-year-course of design and multimedia, so to say graphic design, posters, corporate identity, commercials. 

4. PAINTINGS ON TEXTILE...I've been sewing almost since childhood and back in early 1990s German legend of making fashion & sewing approachable for eveyone, Anne Burda, praised my drawings in a letter, after I had contacted her for advice.

Already for years I've been painting on fabrics, I'm collageing, sewing, experimenting and, as a freelancer, doing this as a job, with the aim of enabling clothes to be galleries of art.

5. ILLUSTRATING BOOKS...Visual descriptions of stories, everyday life, my beliefs and humour have always been a very dear way of my creative expression. Of course, with the time I learnt more and more, especially since digital tools came along.

6. MURAL- (WALL PAINTINGS) & TRADITIONAL ICON- PAINTER...I "blame" the art academy that taught us technology of art, all that chemistry and old, but still important techniques, like fresco/seco, murals and modern painting on walls, as well as traditional religious icon painting. Always happy to do these beautiful techniques as a freelancer. Fancy a huge painting on your inner or outer wall? Yep, contact me.

7. CREATING & SELLING IN TYPICAL ART TECHNIQUES...Same as when I'm teaching, these are techniques that are classics for painting and drawing and that I can create for you as well. Portraits, still life, landscape, genre scenes and other topics in oil on canvas, acryl, tempera, aquarell, ink, collage, pencil, coal, digital drawing, orthodox icons, abstract or realistic, and much more that I can't remember in the moment.

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