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                                       ARTISTIC    BIOGRAPHY

Liliana's fascination with texture and surface has undergone    various  transformations through almost two decades  of exploration, questioning their roles, influences, artistic past,

present and future, opposing, juxtaposing, decomposing, 

composing  each or both in different techniques, with different media, as well  as with various compositional elements. Each of these phases represents a surprising turn to another medium and symbolism from the previous one, althouth they remain unexpectedly  united by the same or similar leading idea.



Abstract bird-eye-landscapes from the period  2003-2006 were at first dominated by  stiff lines, bold colours and pasty contrasts within surfaces. This would soon (2007-2010)   bifurcate in more demanding polyptichs, with quite temperamental, expresionistic treatment.















Liliana's  polyptichs  fit  into  general  expressionistic  tendency  to  deform the surface.(...) Contrast is  a logical  consequence  of  such  artistic   process and the tendency to  emphasize differencies and similarities. The individualization and deformation of  the  landscape were  thus brought to its  zenith."  by Milos Stankovic,  art  historian,  forword   for  the  exhibition  of   L.  Vidakovic "Processes-

Signs-Landscapes"   in  Belgrade,   Artinfo  ,  2 011 )


By  2011  the artist turns away from the colour,  canvas, acryl and oil, with a strong urge to experiment exclusively with the relation between texture and surface. The pencil, watercolor and paper/cardboard, overlapping of contrasting polyptichs, geometry, opening spaces, abstract opposed to figurative three-dimensionality  and  optical elements lead direct to the collage.


2009godina 860.jpg





                                    AND ACHIEVEMENTS


 1999-2003   -    Attends  Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade,

                                  with painting as a main subject (mentor:


4/2004             -  First solo exhibition in Brcko (Bosnia)

2004                 -   The artist is accepted in  ULUBiH 

                                   (Association of Artists of Bosnia and

                                   Hercegovina), as a regular member


2005                      Liliana gets into a postgraduate Fine Arts

                                   exchange programme at the University of

                                   Plymouth, UK, department in Exeter


2006-2008  -   Specialization postgraduate studies at the

                                   Academy of Fine  Arts in Belgrade

                                 (mentorship of Velickovic)


2008-2016   -    Works as a docent for subject "Composition"

                                    at the Academy of Classical Art, Educons

                                    University, in Sremska Kamenica, Serbia. 

                                    at the same time continuing to exhibit her

                                    art mainly  in ex-Yugoslavian countries,

                                    also in Western Europe and USA

2010-2011            Engaged as a docent for subject "Nude 

                                   drawing", at the Academy of Classical Arts,

                                   as a one-year-replacement for a collegue.


2011                   -    Included in "30 best contemporary artists of

                                  Bosnia and Hercegovina", with a

                                   participation in a documentary film by

                                   Federal TV 1  channel


2/2012              -     Liliana is accepted as a member of

                                   ULUPUDS (Association of Fine Artists

                                    and Designers of Serbia)


2012-2013      -    Attending and completing a certified

                                   one-year-course of graphic design at the

                                    IT-Academy, Zemun, Serbia

2013-2018     -     Doctoral studies of Visual Arts at the

                                    Academy of Contemporary Art in Belgrade,

                                    Serbia, with PhD  thesis: "Object in

                                    Postmodern Art"

4/2016              -      Receiving the first prize on International

                                     Drawing Biennale  in Smederevska

                                     Palanka, Serbia

2016                  -     Officially begins to live, work and explore  

                                    art, art associations' systems, teaching art

                                    and engaging more in textile design

                                    in Munich, Germany


2017-                 -     Beginning of Liliana's more intensive and

                                    recognized exhibiting activity in Munich  

                                    and sorrounding cities

2018-                       More intensive change of interest from fine

                                    arts to collage on textiles and clothes, from

                                    painting canvas to "wearing art".

2019-                -     After several applied art courses, Liliana

                                    dedicated this year to learning in order to 

                                    satisfy even more curiosity of choosing

                                    among challenging artistic paths that pull

                                    in  different directions  at the same time.


01/2020-         -    Employed at Münchner Volkshochschule

 01/2022                 as a docent on Department for

                                    Fine Arts, on subjects "Watercolour",  and

                                    "Perspective of Bird-eye-view". 


2021 -                       Liliana's teaching expands to subjects such as

                                    "Painting of Atmospheric Effects", while 

                                    "Painting from the Space Perspective" replaces

                                    "Perspective of Bird-eye-view". She also 

                                     teaches "Basics of drawing", further as well

                                     "Basics of Watercolour".


2021 -                       After 3 years of experimental work on fabric 

                                     collage and painting on textiles as an 

                                     independent action intented for clothing 

                                     items, Liliana Bauer expanded her work for

                                     this branche, with the aim of presenting 

                                     wearable art, durable, unique and artistic

                                     clothes and accessories that quite deny fast

                                     fashion and promote quality, reducing of 

                                     textile waste and recycling of fibers or fabrics.

 2022-                      Teaching, experimenting, expanding the 

                                     textile art. At the same time, redirecting

                                     classical art expression to the graphic,

                                     digital, illustrational.         

05/2022-               Continues to teach art in Fürstenfeldbruck.                                             Begins to teach Comics Drawing and Painting

                                     on Textiles as well. 

 09/2022-               Expands teaching  fine and applied art at

                                      art school in Dachau, as well as in Würmtal.

                                     Returns to exploring of the  monochrome                                                  collage.

11/2022-                    Starts teaching art in Erding and Poing. 


05/2023 -               Begins teaching  drawing, miniature art and

                                      textile painting & printing at VHS Schools

                                      in Northern Munich and at Vaterstetten.


                                      Works on cartoons & comics, as well as on 

                                      further collage techniques exploration.


 07/2023-                Teaches comics in Eching, while working

                                      on her own graphic novel sketches.    






























"Liliana Bauer  uses fabrics in her collages, allowing them  to

   devour each other with unexpected overlaying, that lead the

   artist to her desired achievedment, literally the name of one

    of her works, "Blinding Paths". (by Katharina Aurich,   

    Süddeutsche Zeitung, 12.11.2017)


"The works of Ljiljana Vidakovic reflect a strong individualism,  an impression  deep understanding of a

  personal position, which gives her a certain security, self.-confidence and a liberal attitude to a  creative art.

  A level of of an individual's maturity depends on  responsibility for fitting in the existing standards of the art theories, as well as an appropriate treatment of a personal style (...)".

(By prof.Mr. Branko Miljus, from his recommendation letter for Liliana Bauer for  the Academy of Fine  Arts  in Plymouth,UK, 2005


In the middle of this process, already teaching at an art academy. Liliana begins her doctoral studies of fine arts, with

 an interest for the postmodern, multimedial, versatile and theoretic. This iinterest had pushed her just a year before in a research of photography, montage, digital & vector drawing and graphic design at an IT-course. All this was a base for further, five-year-long, serious studies. There was also a brief exprimentation, in 2014, with objects in space, that opened another angle of looking at the object, texture and space.

After a short time Liliana dives in her previous fields of interest again, this time she is testing the direction of cyclic repetition of  historical, XX century avantgarde influences, on contemporary approach to art, after Hal Foster's well-known conclusion. Paralel with writing of her thesis "Object in postmodern art", the artist physically compares her own, past and present, relation to the techniques, works of various contemporary artists ,similarities and differences in society, technology and psychology fromvarioius 

moments in the XX century art with the present moment.

The question also includes an assumption that at least further into the XXI century the art is going to innovate, create and criticize, using examples of early XX century movements.

Liliana herself returns to assamblage and collage on canvas, intuitively, but at the same time trying to "catch" the point at which her artwork, existing on a flat canvas surface, takes actions  towards becoming, as much as possible, a 3D object. In the process many materials were tested,  while techniques, space, texture, symbolism and personal drama became a sort of means of developement of  compositions that had no time limits for developement. In the moment of the artist's doctoral exam, that "moment in time" was dominated by mostly geometrical compositions with fabrics, wood, wire, nylon, construction materials such as net and styrofoam, knails, bamboo, wax cloth, etc.


As Liliana moves to Germany somewhere at the same time as this phase was at it's peak, with the new artistic environment, reality and tastes, she continues, though, to

explore, and soon returns for black and white, space-troubled, collages, this time defined by optical element, illusion or merely shown paralels, among real texture, it's geometric, as well as realistic, representations. There are several paths, each worth following, but it's successful if done conscioussly and slowly.

"My art professors were right when they clamed that  an artist possesses a large number of  expression methods. 

  Of  course, some artists dedicate their lifetime to  exploring,  let's say, similar approaches to the  same  theme, or  vice versa...On the other side, some change  dramatically, like Picasso.....Everything depends on the    author, and it takes  an unbelievable  amount of   introspection, research, reading, thinking, talking, being

  motivated  by works of other artists &  other branches of

  cultural creativity, etc....Anyway, above all, it takes  a lot of

   - work.(...)" (From the interview of Liliana Bauer by Snezana Mijic, Tugurium-wordpress, 2013)


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