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    09/2019 - International Bienalle of Portrait, exhibition in

                          Portrait Gallery in Tuzla, Bosnia and Hercegovina

    11/2018    -  Exhibition in Freising, Marstall Gallerie

    05/2018  - Frühjahrsausstellung (Spring exhibition), KVFM,

                          Altes Gefängnis, Freising

    03/2018 -  Doctoral exhibition, Gallery of the Academy of 

                          Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia

    02/2018 -  Photography exhibition "Perspektive", KVFM,

                          Altes Gefängnis, Freising

      11/2017 -   Jahresaustellung (Annual exhibition) in KVFM,

                          Marstall Galerie, Freising

     10/2016 -   Exhibition of Small Format Art, "Format mali",

                          Gallery of ARTCENTAR, Belgrade, Serbia
















   04/2016 -  First Prize on the International Bienalle of          

                           Drawing, gallery "D.Starcevic" in Smederevska

    10/2015 -   Exhibition "Majdanart", International Bienalle

                           of Miniature in Majdanpek, Serbia

   05/2014 -    May Exhibition of ULUPUDS (Association of 

                           Artists and Designers of Serbia), Belgrade

   12/2012  -     International exhibition of the Gallery "Trag",

                           Belgrade, Serbia

   11/2012  -      Exhibiton of the XVIII Bienalle of Portrait in

                            the City gallery in Sabac, Serbia

  10/2012 -      Exhibition of Watercolour Bienalle, Sabac, Serbia

  06/2012 -     Exhibition of "Format 6x6" in Rochester, NY, USA

  02/2012 -     Exhibition of new members of ULUPUDS 

                           (Association of Artists and Designers of Serbia)

    11/2011   -     Solo exhibition, Gallery SULUJ, Belgrade, Serbia

   10/2011  -     VI Exhibition of Miniature in Center for Culture

                           in Tuzla, Bosnia and Hercegovina

   09/2011 -    Exhibition "Postcard Art" in Sienna, Italy

   12/2010 -     Exhibition of Bienalle of Small Format in 

                           Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina

   11/2010 -     Exhibition of the group "Martin-Plus" in Backa

                           Topola, Serbia

  06/2010 -   Exhibition on the Bienalle of Painting, City Gallery

                           in Smederevo, Serbia

  05/2010 -   Exhibition in SANU (Gallery of Academy of Science

                           and Art) in Novi Sad, Serbia

  04/2010 -   April Exhibition of ULUBiH (Associaton of Artists

                          of Bosnia and Hercegovina), Sarajevo

   11/2009 -   Revial Exhibition of ULUBIH, Gallery "Collegum

                          Artisticum", Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina

  10/2009 -  Exhibition of Salon in Kovin, Serbia,  City gallery

   06/2009 - Exhibition of Annale of Drawing, Mostar, Bosnia

                          and Hercegovina

  05/2009 - Exhibition of the group "Martin-Plus", gallery

                         "La Vista", Novi Sad, Serbia

  12/2008 -  Exhibiton of Postgraduates of  the Academy of Fine

                         Arts, Gallery of Yugoslavian Army, Belgrade

  12/2008 -  Biennale of Small Format Art, Exhibition in Gallery

                         "Roman Petrovic", Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina

 06/2008 - Exbition of Annale of Drawing in Mostar, Bosnia

                         and Hercegovina










viberlillyexpo image.jpg
viberuop2 image.jpg

04/2008 - Exhibition of the Victory Day, ULUBiH,

                         Gallery "Collegium Artisticum", Sarajevo

                         Bosnia and Hercegovina

11/2007 -     Annual exhibition of ULUBiH-members in

                         "Collegium Artisticum" gallery, Sarajevo

12/2006 -   International exhibition of Small Format Art,

                        gallery "Roman Petrovic", Sarajevo, BiH

04/2005 - April Exhibition of ULUBiH, gallery 

                         "Collegium Artisticum", Sarajevo, BiH



















04/2004 - First solo exhibition, city gallery in Brcko,

                         Bosnia and Hercegovina

03/2004 - Group exhibition "9 New Ones" in gallery

                         "BK Centar", Tuzla, BiH

11/2003 -   Graduating Exhibition, gallery "Progress",

                        Belgrade, Serbia


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